Hi, I'm Mobs!

I'm a digital media creative. I make crispy content for your eyes to snack on. Let's feast.

Digital Collage Videos

(fondly also known as manic pixie dream videos)

Stop Motion

Motion Portraits

Long Form Content


Me again!

By day, I'm the managing editor at Butter.ATL, an ATLien's virtual paradise. By night, I make fun things in my ongoing personal mission to increase the number of fun things in the world. I'm also into cooking, running, and deep YouTube wormholes of dance choreography videos.

I've been working in content creation my entire career because I love combining the forces of all of my creative outlets into one. Digital media is an ever-changing industry that demands adaptability, innovation, and enthusiastic creation. Riding the waves of a young industry is endlessly exciting... and the water feels great. 

© 2021 by Megan "Mobs" Robertson.

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